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frequently asked questions

What is SlimPort®?

SlimPort® is a family of products that “deliver uncompressed HD video and digital audio over a 5 pin connector” of a mobile device.

Is SlimPort® a new standard?

No. SlimPort® is not a standard. It is a family of products from Analogix based on DisplayPort, an open standard.

What DisplayPort standard SlimPort® products comply with?

The products are fully compliant with DisplayPort 1.2 standard. Also, while operating over a 5 pin connector such as Mobile USB connector, it is fully compatible with VESA proposed MYDP (Mobility DisplayPort) standard.

What is MYDP™?

MYDP™ is a VESA® proposed Mobility DisplayPort® standard, a digital audio-video interconnect based on the DisplayPort® standard for a mobile audio-video source device. Please refer to website for details. (VESA® membership required)

ST-Micro Electronics and ST-Ericsson jointly proposed the MYDP™ to VESA®. SlimPort® is fully compatible with MYDP™ standard.

What do SlimPort® products offer to the Mobile device OEMs besides compliance with the DisplayPort standard?

The SlimPort® family of products offers additional features beyond basic DisplayPort® and MYDP™ functionality:

  • Using a single mobile USB connector for data-sync, power-charging, and uncompressed protected contents delivery to an external big screen display.
  • Integrated USB switch, compliant with IC-USB specifications, to reduce the Bill of Materials cost for mobile devices.
  • Integrated downstream mobile accessory detect mechanism to reduce the Bill of Materials cost for mobile devices.
  • Direct connectivity to HDTVs, monitors, and projectors using VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces.
  • Reduced power consumption with Analogix proprietary power recovery techniques.
  • Ability to charge mobile devices while being connected to HD displays using HDMI and DisplayPort.

What products are offered in the SlimPort® family?

Analogix is the first to roll out DisplayPort based MYDP™ products for mobile devices.

  • ANX7805 – SlimPort® transmitter which enables a mobile device to external display connectivity.
  • ANX7730 - SlimPort® to HDMI for mobile device accessories
  • ANX9832 – SlimPort® to VGA for mobile device accessories

Analogix continues to expand the SlimPort® products family.

How are theSlimPort® products tested and certified to inter-operate with any display?

SlimPort® products are tested in Analogix labs, several independent labs including EasyHD™ lab and at various industry driven (CEA and VESA) plug-tests rigorously to ensure the inter-operability. Also, SlimPort® products are tested and certified at the designated ATC test centers to pass all relevant compliance tests.

Where can I find mobile devices with SlimPort®products?

The SlimPort® products will be available in various OEM mobile devices including SmartPhones, Tablet PCs, MP4 players etc. and various accessories like cables, dongles, docking stations, AV Receivers, Set-top boxes, HDTVs, monitors and projectors.