We Speak DisplayPort

Analogix is a leader in DisplayPort technology for the consumer electronics market with more than 500 million DisplayPort devices shipped to date.

Display Converters

Our display converters for motherboards allow today’s PCs, phones, and other devices to handle both new and old video standards by translating DisplayPort signals into the out-puts needed to drive LVDS, VGA, and HDMI projectors and displays.

DisplayPort Pioneer

Analogix contributed to the first DisplayPort prototype systems and was the first company to offer VESA-certified DisplayPort transmitters.

Solutions for Every System

We offer one of the industry’s widest selections of display converters for motherboards – nearly a dozen models – for virtually any system requirement.

Optimized for Ultra-thin Notebooks

Our display converters are power-efficient, support ultra-high display resolutions, and ideally suited for Intel Broadwell and Skylake platforms and AMD Fusion APU platforms.