Driving the Most Powerful VR Headsets

SlimPort® VR solutions enable high-performance transmission of video, data, and power between the VR source and the head-mounted display.

High-Performance, Low-Power VR/AR Display Controllers

SlimPort®ANX753x family of DisplayPort™ to Quad MIPI-DSI controllers drive the high resolutions required by today’s most performant VR headsets at up to 120 fps. They can be used in USB-C™ and non-USB-C applications and can manipulate a variety of video scan modes.

Highly-Integrated Port Controllers for VR Headsets with USB-C ports

The ANX7327, a USB-PD 3.0 port controller with an integrated de-mux supporting switching at data rates of up to 10Gbps, can be used in conjunction with the ANX753x family.

Solutions for VR Headsets Using Legacy Interfaces Connecting to USB-C

ANX7688 Bridge for HDMI 2.0 + USB 3.1 to USB-C Adapters

ANX7440 Re-Timer with USB-C Switch for DisplayPort 1.4 + USB 3.1 to USB-C Adapters

Signal Integrity10 Gbps Re-Timer Solutions for USB-C Cable Extenders

The ANX7440, ANX7496, and ANX7490 provide the high-level of signal integrity performance required in active VR cables with extended lengths