HDMI to USB-C Bridge with Port Controller, USB3 switch and Power Delivery
SlimPort® Pro (4K Ultra-HD) Transmitter

ANX7688 is an ultra-low power 4K Ultra-HD (4096x2160p60) mobile HD transmitter designed for portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets, Ultrabooks, docking stations, sports cameras, camcorders, etc. ANX7688 supports simultaneous audio, video, and data transfer from a mobile device. ANX7688 converts HDMI 2.0 to DisplayPort™ 1.3 Ultra-HD (4096x2160p60) including an intelligent crosspoint switch to support USB Type-C™. The integrated crosspoint switch supports USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 data transfer along with the DisplayPort Alternate Mode. Additionally, an integrated microcontroller (MCU) is available to manage the signal switching, Channel Configuration (CC) detection, USB Power Delivery (USB-PD), Vendor Defined Message (VDM) protocol support and other functions as defined in the USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery specifications. Overall, the ANX7688 is designed as a single bridge IC from the HDMI2.0, USB 2.0, and USB 3.1 interfaces of the Application Processors to enable a USB Type-C connector on mobile devices

Main Features: 
  • Standard compliance
    • DisplayPort1.3, HDMI2.0/1.4b, HDCP2.2/1.4, USB PD 2.0
  • Integrated USB Type-C support  USB 2.0 (480Mbps)
    • USB3.1 Gen1 (5.0Gbps)  DisplayPort Alternate Mode
    • Simultaneous USB 3.1 Gen1 (5.0Gbps) and DisplayPort Alternate Mode
    • USB-PD 2.0 on CC wire
    • Embedded MCU to implement USB-PD messaging and DisplayPort related functions
  • DisplayPort transmitter
    • DisplayPort transmitter (2-lanes @6.75Gbps)  Configurable 1-lane or 2-lane output supports: HBR2.5, HBR2, HBR, and RBR data rates  Ultra-HD (3840x2160p60) or 4K (4096x2160p60) maximum video resolution
    • Stereo (3D) video output support at 1080p60
    • AUXP, AUXN, and HPD support
    • HDCP2.2 and HDCP1.4 support
  • HDMI 2.0 receiver
    • Supports max pixel clock rates up to 600 Mpixels/sec
    • Up to 36bpp color depth support
    • Up to Ultra-HD (3840x2160p60) or 4K (4096x2160p60) maximum video resolution
    • Up to 8-channels digital audio support
  • System operation
    • Ref clock: 27MHz
    • Slave I2C device control interface
    • Built-in video BIST patterns and audio tone generator for system self-test
  • Power supply requirements
    • 1.0V, 1.8V, and 3.3V
    • Package options: VFBGA, single row QFN



Set Top Boxes



Docking Station


Standards Compliance: 

DisplayPort 1.3 PHY and electrical specifications

HDMI 1.2