Timing is Everything

Every LCD screen needs a timing controller (TCON), and TCONs by Analogix drive the displays of many of the world’s top notebook and ultrabook brands.

Tops in TCONs

Analogix is the industry leader in low-power, high-speed timing controller solutions for high-resolution LCD panels. Our TCONs can be found in many popular notebooks, ultrabooks, and tablets with eDP or MIPI interfaces.

Analog Design Skills

Our analog and mixed-signal chip designers are some of the best in the business, creating DisplayPort devices that require extremely low power and run at incredibly high speeds.

Amazing Displays

When outstanding graphics, image, and color control really count, there’s no better high-resolution LCD display solution than a TCON by Analogix.

The Ultimate Power Saver

System designers appreciate our low-power TCONs, which help preserve battery life to keep your devices working as long as you are.

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