SlimPort® Interop Program (SIP℠)


The SlimPort® Interop Program (SIP℠) assists manufacturers that use Analogix’s SlimPort brand of DisplayPort™-compliant semiconductor solutions to ensure reliable operation of their DisplayPort over USB-C™ products. The program has been expanded to test and report on interoperability performance amongst new and leading devices and accessories from any manufacturer. This includes smartphones, tablets, notebooks, dongles, docks, hubs, and USB-C monitors. Testing is performed by the SlimPort Interop Lab and includes:

  • Signal quality pre-test between source and display for DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA;
  • Interoperability testing to confirm the maximum display resolution with devices available in the market;
  • Functional testing of power, data, audio and video transfer.

Performance results are made available online at to help consumers identify which accessory will work with their smartphones, tablets, and PCs.