Research-Driven Growth

Analogix R&D addresses well-developed markets, such as timing controllers and standard translator products, while also investing in transformative new technologies, like SlimPort® and CoolHD™.

Display-focused R&D

Our world-class research team includes expert analog and mixed-signal chip designers focused on one thing: enabling faster, smaller, higher-resolution, and more power-efficient connections to drive the high-performance display screens of today – and tomorrow.

Easier Connections

Connecting smartphones to an external display used to be a challenge, so in 2010 we developed SlimPort®, which uses a single cable and standard Micro-USB connectors to connect mobile devices to bigger screens, such as monitors or HDTVs.

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Low-Power Progress

Displaying mobile video on HDMI TVs used to be a drain on battery charge, so we developed CoolHD™, a technology that recovers waste energy to enable zero-power HDMI connections.

CoolHDTM Technology White Paper >

New Ways to View

We continue to advance SlimPort® technology with products supporting Ultra-HD displays at up to 4K resolution and SlimPort® Pro, which transfers data at up to 480 Mbps on current and future USB connectors.