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More than 2 billion semiconductors for smartphones, PCs, tablets, and AR/VR headsets have shipped with Analogix technology.

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Analogix introduces SlimPort ANX7538/39 DisplayPort™ to Quad MIPI-DSI display controllers for next generation 4K 120FPS AR/VR head-mounted displays.


Virtual Reality

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Augmented Reality

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Mobile HD (SlimPort®)

SlimPort retimers, display controllers, and converters are powering the latest mobile devices, AR/VR HMDs, docking stations, and adapters.

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Analogix DisplayPort controllers and LCD timing controllers (TCONS) help device makers build thinner, lower-power, and higher-resolution displays.

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Virtual / Augmented Reality

Analogix’s SlimPort VR controllers drive the most powerful headsets enabling high-performance transmission of video, data, and power between the VR source and the VR head-mounted display.

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