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SlimPort® smartphone solutions enhance performance of consumer mobile platforms.

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SlimPort Transmitters for Smartphones & Tablets

SlimPort mobile transmitters such as the ANX7688 and ANX7625 are single-chip solutions that support 4K 60 frames per second (4096x2160p60) or FHD 120 frames per second (1920x1080p120) video resolution from a smartphone or tablet with full function USB-C™, ideal for applications such as AR and VR which require superior video processing and performance.

High Speed Output

SlimPort mobile transmitters also allow concurrent Ultra-HD video and high speed USB data to be output over the USB-C charging port enabling users to connect to a lightweight VR or AR headset, and watch 360 videos or play 3D games with better user experience.


SlimPort mobile transmitters can also be used in productivity applications such as phone docking stations. When connected to a docking station, a monitor, and a keyboard, the phone will behave just like a PC.

SlimPort Display Controllers for Dual-Screen Handheld Mobile Applications

SlimPort ANX7580 is a DisplayPort to MIPI-DSI display controller used in dual-display products now featured in the ASUS ROG phone.

Re-Timers for Smartphones

SlimPort ANX7451 is an integrated re-timer for next generation smartphones supporting high bandwidth DisplayPort™ 1.4a at 8.1Gbps, as well as USB 3.2 10Gbps data rates. It guarantees high bandwidth data and video transport over long channels in smartphone system boards and external cable connections.