Analogix TCONs Enable Today’s Top Displays

Our low-power, high-speed timing controller technology drives today’s high-resolution, thin display panels found in popular gaming monitors, notebooks, and tablets with eDP and MIPI interfaces.

Displays for Gaming Monitors

Analogix timing controllers (TCONs) support 144Hz UHD refresh rates, VESA Adaptive-Sync, Nvidia G-SYNC, AMD Free-Sync, and LCD Overdrive.

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Displays for Low-Power Notebooks

Our TCONs support PSR, PSR2, Intel LRR (low refresh rate), and “always on local dimming” (AOLD) in a 28nm process technology.

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We’re currently shipping the first 28nm TCON in the notebook industry.

DisplayPort Expertise

Our TCONs are eDP 1.4/DisplayPort 1.2-compliant and with proven HBR3 capabilities.

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High Bit Rate 3 (HRB3) DisplayPort for low-power, high-performance, and superior compatibility, with data rates up to 8.1Gbps.

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VESA DisplayHDR™ 400

HDR accurately maps real world color and luminance to a display panel.

VESA DisplayHDR standard specifies HDR quality, including luminance, color gamut, bit depth, and rise time.

Our technology has produced the first VESA DisplayHDR-certified TCON product enabling higher contrasts and more vibrant colors.

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In-cell Finger and Stylus Touch

We have pioneered the in-cell touch notebook panel TCONs. In-Cell Touch embeds the touch function in the display itself, the panel including all the touch sensors, controllers, and needed processing. This simplifies the production process and reduces weight and reflection by removing the cover glass.

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Panel Self Refresh Extends Battery Life

With PSR enabled, the GPU will stay idle when static images are displayed. The panel refreshes the images from a buffer in the TCON.

PSR2, a superset of PSR, allows selective updates of one or more regions, instead of the entire frame.

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Segment Backlight Enabled

Segmented Backlight Control

The TCON creates the image histogram, determines the backlight levels, and modifies the pixel values to compensate for halo effects. Our Technology supports up to 16x32 segments of backlight and it is completely transparent to the OS and GPU.

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Adaptive-Sync is a trademark of VESA | G-SYNC is a trademark of Nvidia | FreeSync is a trademark of AMD

Adaptive-Sync™, G-SYNC™, FreeSync™

Displays are refreshed at a frequency of 60Hz. However, GPUs refresh displays whenever they are ready. This technology synchronizes GPU output with display refresh by dynamically changing the refresh rate without needing any mode change with a focus on reducing stuttering, tearing, and input lag.

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LCD Overdrive Sharpens Motion Pictures

Analogix’s LCD overdrive technology compensates for the response time of the LCD panel itself, which sharpens moving images.

This enhances the experience of all kinds of applications including gaming and video editing.

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Assertive Display™

Assertive DisplayTM adapts each pixel based on the content being displayed and the ambient lightning conditions to deliver two major benefits:

  • Reduced backlight power usage by up to 50%
  • Enhanced and engage user experience by making multimedia content viewable even when under bright sunlight.

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*Assertive Display is a trademark of Apical