Analogix Solutions

We design interface connectivity and mobile display semiconductor solutions for the digital multimedia market, from smartphones, notebooks, and VR headsets, to high-definition TVs and high-end graphics cards.

VR/AR Headsets

Our SlimPort® VR solutions enable the highest resolutions and fastest response times throughout the entire VR data communication channel.

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Smartphones & Tablets

Smartphones & Tablets

Our SlimPort® mobile transmitters and signal conditioners enable high-speed connections for video, data, and charging.

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SlimPort® high-speed, low-power port controllers and re-timers push higher data throughput over long distances for notebooks, 2-in-1 convertibles, and desktop PCs.

Analogix display timing controllers allow manufacturers to build thinner, lower-power, and higher-resolution displays.

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Our low-power TCONs decode HDR content and produce a wider color gamut, higher contrast ratios, and deeper blacks, giving images a visible pop.

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