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As display technologies advance rapidly from HD to full HD and even QHD, and features like foldable displays, dual screens, touch screen capability and immersive experiences, including augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), user expectations are advancing even faster.


We haven’t talked about Analogix in a few years, and we certainly haven’t talked about TCON announcements much at all.


The ANX2187 is claimed to be the only notebook TCON with built in 3D color gamut rotation in the optical domain, solving the problem of color matching between different display panels, as well as the challenge of low blue light displays while still retaining color accuracy for the other colors, a


Every display panel has a timing controller (TCON), which is the only active component inside a display.

Different displays use different types of TCONs. In this article we will be talking about TCONs for the IT market: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) notebook PCs and monitors. 


How demanding is virtual reality (VR) for display technology?


Below is our recent interview with Miguel Rodriguez, Director of Product Marketing at Analogix:

Q: Can you tell us something more about the company and what you do?


28 May 2019

US company Analogix Semiconductors has released a new reference design for a single connector solution that will bring better virtual reality (VR) experiences to gaming laptops.


That is the latest USB standard USB 3.2, the data transfer rate up to single-channel 10Gbps. USB Super Speed USB Gen2 3.2 specification provides improved data encoding and effectiveness, its speed is twice the standard first generation (5Gbps) of. USB Type-C, also known as USB-C, it supports the


Analogix has produced a VirtualLink Reference Design which enables VirtualLink directly on the motherboard of high-performance gaming notebooks, allowing them to support virtual reality (VR)