Review of the SlimPort NANO∙CONSOLE: Android sits in the living room

Review of the SlimPort NANO∙CONSOLE: Android sits in the living room

Review of the SlimPort NANO∙CONSOLE: Android sits in the living room

Macitynet tests the SlimPort NANO∙CONSOLE, a small Android console that turns smartphones and tablets into media centers, complete with a Bluetooth remote controller with trackpad functions
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Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 15:15
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Slimport NanoConsole for Android is a small device that is designed to turn your smartphone or tablet, in a small media center for the living room, as well as a game console. Albeit with some limitations, considering the low cost of the device, the idea of SlimPort NanoConsole is particularly interesting. We tried to keep up with what it says, what it is, and how it can be helpful.
The sales package is similar to the software of the past: a large hardcover rectangle houses a console, a transparent plastic base, a remote controller with functions of a trackpad,  Micro USB and HDMI cables, as well the inevitable various manuals. The console itself looks like a small gray cube, the size and weight really pleasant. Measuring approximately 6x6x6 cmq, considering the height also includes thetransparent plastic on which the console lays itself on, which also serves to hold up your smartphone or tablet. The mouse controller, however, is completely red and is probably the most original accessory that can be appreciated in a device of this type. The entire surface works like any trackpad, while the lower part replicates commands of any Android device, which is the home button, back button, and a third square for various options. Unfortunately it does not work with Macs, but then its use is closely related to Nano Console and this cannot be considered a disadvantage. The mouse controller, in addition to the keys described earlier, also has a side volume rocker, which is useful especially when you take advantage of the Nano Console for watching a movie or any video.


Package content

Elegant Box


Nano Console with trackpad and base


Without trackpad

Micro USB and HDMI inputs on the back

The console connects to compatible Android tablet or smartphone via the integrated Micro USB cable, while with the supplied HDMI cable you can connect the device to the home TV or to a monitor with HDMI input. Interestingly Slimport NanoConsole has an extra HDMI input, so as to leave an additional port for connecting other devices, such as Google Chromecasts. This makes possible (in television or monitor with a single HDMI input) inserting a second device HD, without having to disconnect the Slimport NanoConsole. By connecting the two cables, as well as that of charging (which also serves to power the connected smartphone or tablet), the entire Android interface will be fully replicated on the TV at home, without any special settings or setup. The only trick is to activate the bluetooth, but just in case you wanted to use the red trackpad, which is very useful. Since this is a wired connection, then with cable, the projected image on the TV is absolutely free of lag or slowdowns. Unlike mirroring solutions, this mechanism allows you to watch movies or play without any delay between the visible image on the tablet, or smartphone, and that projected on the TV or monitor. Slimport technology, in this sense, is really synonymous with safety and quality. Unfortunately, however, there is a limitation: Slimport does not support all Android devices and the list of operatingdevices is rather limited. NanoConsole, in fact, is compatible at the moment with only 33 devices, including Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and with the range LG, where LG LG G3 or G4. To address this, in any case, it is possible to see all supported devices. The compatibility, therefore, is the only limit that we found during our tests, while the operation is not affected by any problems.

Nano Console, in fact, turns the TV in the living room into a real media center, looking at many video streaming services, or even just on YouTube, or through the downloaded movies within the device. You can surf the net, watch pictures, play any type of application available on Google Play Store: any app running on your smartphone or tablet will be immediately played back on the TV screen, without limitation. Interesting is also the ability to play games and enjoy them on a much larger display. In this regard, however, the small trackpad may be a little 'too restrictive, and it will be necessary to combine the Nano with a Bluetooth compatible game pad, so you can make the most of all the titles on the Play Store. NanoConsole replays to the screen the entire contents of the smartphone, reason for which you can also launch apps like Skype to make video conferences or, in general, any app for productivity, such as Word and the like. In combination with a keyboard, your Android device can be used, thanks to NanoConsole, even in an office, to project in slides in meetings or edit various documents.

Nano Console is an excellent opportunity to turn a the TV in the living room into a media center and gaming, at a low cost, by exploiting the potential of your smartphone or tablet; Unfortunately, before the purchase, we should refer to the compatibility of its devices, it may not be among those supported by technology Slimport.
It will be available by the end of November through Amazon.


  • Functional
  • Small size
  • Trackpad very comfortable
  •  Zero lag


  • Reduced Compatibility