SlimPort NANO∙CONSOLE Review

SlimPort NANO∙CONSOLE Review

SlimPort NANO∙CONSOLE Review

SlimPort NANO∙CONSOLE is a really cool and instantly useful device
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Friday, March 4, 2016 - 11:45
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SlimPort Nano Console Review

by DJ Kunkel | Mar 4, 2016 | Accessory, Featured, Products | 0 Comments

SlimPort Nano Console is a really cool and instantly useful device

Today I’m reviewing a really cool piece of tech, the SlimPort Nano-Console which allows you to dock and display your Android smartphone’s display on any HDMI enabled TV or monitor.

The Nano-Console is a simple cube shaped dock with a translucent base. The base is detachable so you can just take the “cube” with you for maximum portability. It just plain looks cool and unique. The base is designed with a simple lip that will hold your phone upright and the cube itself does a great job of holding your phone as well. It comes with all the cables you need: a USB micro cable to charge your phone while it is docked, a lengthy 5′ flexible full size HDMI cable, and a short pigtail USB micro cable that is permanently attached to connect to your phone. Also included is a track-pad clicker device that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to control a mouse cursor remotely, make selections; and press the back, home, and active task button.

In function this is a simple device, but that’s a good thing! No software to install on your device, no menus to go through (on at least my phone), no wireless interference to get in the way. You just plug in and your display is on the TV! Pairing the Bluetooth “mouse” was effortless and it worked immediately causing Android to display a mouse cursor on the screen so you know where to click. You can also continue to use the touchscreen on your phone simultaneously. If you add any old USB charger you have lying around it can charge your device too while it is connected, but I stress that this is not required as the Nano-Console needs no additional power connection to operate.

The Bluetooth track-pad mouse device is powered by included CR-2032 button cell batteries and in addition to letting you control the cursor, will also allow you to adjust volume. This would be a great device to take on a trip and use to show Netflix or your videos on the TV in the hotel or to make short work of showing a business presentation you’ve prepared on a projector.

Final Thoughts
This is a really cool, simple, functional, and instantly useful device. This is definitely going to get some use by me on trips and at home. Possible pitfalls are its use of micro USB which is being replaced by USB-C type connections on some of the latest Android smartphones. Also compatibility (while it worked perfectly with my LG G3) is limited to certain devices that can output HDMI signals on the USB port. You can consult for a list of sure-to-work devices.