USB3.2 Gen 2x2


10G Active Redriver with Linear Equalization for USB3.2/DisplayPort™

ANX7493-AA is a 4-lane redriver capable of switching DisplayPort (DP) and USB3.2 Gen 2x2 10Gbps signals to support a single Type-C™ (USB-C™) port with DisplayPort Alternate Mode. ANX7493-AA can be also configured to a DisplayPort (DP)2.0 Redriver which supports up to 4-lane UHBR10. It is backward compatible with DP 1.4a and USB3.2 Gen 2x2 and Gen 2x1 protocols. Each lane in the ANX7493-AA Redriver has a maximum signal speed of 10Gbps. Two lanes can be bonded to increase the total link bandwidth to 20Gbps. Work modes are set via I2C registers. ANX7493-AA has built-in redriver to recover both the USB and DP signals with loss compensation of 12dB for USB and DP. ANX7493-AA supports a high-gain bandwidth linear amplifier with Continuous Time Linear Equalization (CTLE). ANX7493-AA integrates the AUX snooping for detecting DP states.

Main Features: 
Built-in redrivers
  • Integrated re-driver for USB3.2 up to Gen 2 @ 10Gbps
  • Integrated re-drivers for DisplayPort up to UHBR10 @ 10Gbps.
  • Supports both host (source) and device (sink) applications in USB-C subsystems with DisplayPort Alternate Mode
  • Loss compensation to recover up to 12dB channel loss
Work mode and CTLE configurations
  • Work mode set by I2C registers
  • Datapath orientation and direction set by I2C registers or GPIO
  • CTLE configurations set by I2C registers or GPIO
Serial and debug interfaces
  • I2C Slave interface, up to 1MHz, for mux and redriver configuration
Industry standard compatibility
  • USB3.2 specification
  • DisplayPort 2.0 specification
  • USB Type-C r2.0 specification
Low-power design
  • AUX CH commands snooping for power saving in DP mode
  • USB high speed and LFPS signals detection for power saving in USB mode
  • Analog power supply at 1.8V
  • I/O power supply at 1.8V − Integrated Core power supply at 1.2V
Commercial temperature range of 0C to 70C


Notebook/Desktop PC


  • QFN-50, 4.7mm x 6.4mm, 0.90mm Z-height, 0.35mm pin-pitch
Detailed Product Information: