“Analogix introduces DisplayPort over USB-C program for Connected Mobile VR.”

“Analogix introduces DisplayPort over USB-C program for Connected Mobile VR.”

“Analogix introduces DisplayPort over USB-C program for Connected Mobile VR.”

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Saturday, January 21, 2017 - 12:15
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"If your girlfriend wants to travel to Paris and your year-end bonus is not enough, you can buy her a set of VR equipment instead and she can go to the Seine," Silicon Valley’s Analogix Semiconductor product manager WeiNing Hu said. 

He described to the editors many interesting applications of VR and predicted that young people are the most enthusiastic about VR products. According to reports, it will be possible the future to achieve VR (virtual reality) by connecting the mobile phones to the glasses/head-mounted displays as long as there is a DisplayPort over USB-C protocol line.

At the sixth annual China ICT Media Forum  held in Shenzhen recently, WeiNing Hu made this view public. According to him, there are customers in the development stage, and it is estimated that there will be  DisplayPort mobile phones and helmet products brought to market in 2017. The program supports 4k display, for example, and the Silicon Valley company has a number of product models can support left and right eye, single screen is 2k X 2k, refresh rate of up to 90 frames / sec.

It is reported that, DisplayPort over USB-C has advantages in the transmission of video, data and charging. Analogix’s latest digital-analog product, the ANX7530 chip, can support VR's left and right channels.

Talking about the current market for the phone inserted into the headset for an all-in-one VR machine, Hu WeiNing is not optimistic about this market because of its poor user experience - the equivalent of a mobile phone worn in front the eyes. Manager Hu is very optimistic about the market for the phone connected to the headset/ glasses, or to a laptop market. And many mobile phone and notebooks are already or will have a USB-C port, and more easily add the DisplayPort function.

In January this year, there are wireless solutions at the CES show. Hu WeiNing said that although wireless is the ultimate goal, currently it hasn’t reached maturity and the cost and signal interference still need to improve.