Analogix SlimPort: micro-USB to HDMI to broadcast in full HD

Analogix SlimPort: micro-USB to HDMI to broadcast in full HD

Analogix SlimPort: micro-USB to HDMI to broadcast in full HD

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Friday, June 12, 2015 - 16:30
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Today we are presenting and testing a rather interesting accessory proposed by Analogix, which is called SlimPort SP1004. The purpose of this accessory is very simple: you connect it to your smartphone or tablet, you connect an HDMI cable to your TV and connect the SlimPort accessory, and that the screen of your device will be broadcasted on your TV! And all while supporting Full HD streams (1080p).


It should be noted however that the technology inside is Analogix Semiconductor’s SlimPort. Therefore, not all devices are compatible with this technology. To be more specific, we must know that SlimPort is the brand name used by Analogix, but it is the DisplayPort technology developed by VESA, particularly its declination Mobility DisplayPort, which is called "MyDP".

The compatibility list is available here:

There are different SlimPort adapters to connect VGA, HDMI or even both. For this test, we have been provided with a SlimPort HDMI adapter, a model that costs about 27 €.


II. Specifications

The SP1004 SlimPort adapter connects to a smartphone or tablet by micro-USB, and it also has an HDMI connector for the cable, and also its own micro-USB connector to attach a micro-USB charger.

The connector is included for connecting the adapter to the mobile device, connect an HDMI cable between the adapter (connected to the smartphone / tablet) and TV / screen, and connect both a micro-USB charger adapter to recharge their device simultaneously.


Some features:

- HDMI 1.4 + 3D
- Resolution up to 1080p at 60Hz
- HDMI audio support for up to 7.1
- 1 year warranty
- Certified SlimPort MyDP 1.0, CE, RoHS II

The adapter comes in a sealed plastic bag without an HDMI cable, like this:

As for the size, the terminal block is about the size of a USB key, so that the total size taking into account the length of the extension is slightly larger than a 5-inch smartphone. Here is an overview of the replication of the image:

III. My opinion

This accessory does the job well, fluidity is as expected and the image quality is impeccable. It is truly plug and play, with a slight cut in the top of the image displayed on the screen due to the aspect ratio of  the screen.

The screen rotations are well managed, allowing to enjoy it in the landscape format of a 16/9 TV screen. To stream media, such as photos and videos, this solution is really interesting and very simple. I advise to have a HDMI cable long enough so as to hold the device easily without having to be glued to the TV to control the display.

The price may seem somewhat high for this accessory, given that there is not a single HDMI cable included, but this adapter is working perfectly and can really come in handy in many use cases.