Analogix and LG Take Mobile VR to the Next Level with LG 360 VR and SlimPort USB-C Connectivity

Analogix and LG Take Mobile VR to the Next Level with LG 360 VR and SlimPort USB-C Connectivity

Analogix and LG Take Mobile VR to the Next Level with LG 360 VR and SlimPort USB-C Connectivity

SlimPort USB-C Transmitters and Controllers Enable DisplayPort over USB-C to Deliver the Next Wave of Consumer-Friendly Mobile VR

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced that LG’s innovative flagship smartphone, the LG G5, and its compact LG 360 VR headset, both feature SlimPort® connectivity. The LG 360 VR headset utilizes the phone’s processing power via a USB cable connection to the phone’s USB-C™ port, with SlimPort providing DisplayPort™ over USB-C video out and managing the power scheme through the following ICs:

  • LG G5: SlimPort ANX7816 transmitter and ANX7418 USB-C switch and controller;
  • LG 360 VR: SlimPort ANX7737 converter and ANX7402 USB-C controller.

Head mounted displays (HMD) demand ever higher resolutions and faster refresh rates to give consumers a fluid and immersive experience. The USB-C connectivity allows the HMD to receive power without the added weight of a built-in battery and other electronics. DisplayPort is the interface of choice for virtual reality (VR) applications offering uncompressed, low-latency signaling, low-power transmission and robust embedded clocking that minimizes the number of wires.

“With the 360 VR LG has leapfrogged the competition, offering the best platform for mobile VR applications and the runway to the best VR experience,” said Dr. Ramchan Woo, Vice President, Smartphone Product Planning at LG Electronics. “Existing VR solutions are either tethered to a PC or force users to carry a phone in front of their face. The LG 360 VR changes all this by separating the headset from the phone and connecting the two entities via USB-C, which allows for a light-weight, portable HMD form factor. This makes it suitable for many different VR applications from gaming, to educational and professional use.”

“We are very pleased that LG opted for DisplayPort over USB-C for its flagship smartphone and pocket-friendly VR solution, combining the data and video onto the same cable. This reduces the number of cables compared with existing tethered VR solutions which have two separate cables up to the HMD,” said Andre Bouwer, vice president of marketing for Analogix. “With a growing number of mobile devices interoperating with accessories using DisplayPort over USB-C, the headset could potentially work with other USB-C devices, opening new possibilities for consumers.”

DisplayPort over USB-C interoperates with an expanding ecosystem of full-featured accessories for big screen connectivity, with simultaneous data and charging from various device manufacturers in the market. These devices may interoperate with each other and certification programs such as the SlimPort Adopters Program (SAP) will help to ensure a good end-user experience.

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