Analogix Attends "2010 China (Shanghai) International IP Bridge Event"

Analogix Attends "2010 China (Shanghai) International IP Bridge Event"

Analogix Attends "2010 China (Shanghai) International IP Bridge Event"

Analogix introduced its innovative IP technology and cores, including , DisplayPort, and HDMI IP cores

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc., a manufacturer and innovator of high-performance analog and mixed signal devices for the digital media and communications markets, attended "2010 China (Shanghai) International IP Bridge Event" on September 17, hosted by China Center for Software and IC Promotion (CSIP), organized by Shanghai IC Technology and Industry Promotion Center, and co-organized by Shanghai Zhangjiang Group Co., Ltd. Analogix introduced its innovative IP technology and cores, including, DisplayPort, and HDMI IP cores.

As IC designs continuously develop towards greater complexity, IC design enterprises have adopted IP duplication and reuse as a mode for design, and at the same time, such IC design enterprises are faced with IP consultation, testing, analysis, protection and a series of other issues. Since the inception of China National IP Core Database ( in 2004, it has gathered over 80 national and international IP suppliers with over 3000 IP core products. It can provide services including IP core information and consultation, IP promotion and trade, IP core testing and analysis etc. This event is part of a series of IP Bridge events, and a part of the services the National IP Core Database provides. Through special topic product promotional events, product promotional series, summits and other formats, IP Bridge provides a platform for promoting Chinese IP core independent innovation, for easier technological communication, business negotiation, and collaboration. "2010 China (Shanghai) International IP Bridge Event" discussed and analyzed the current China's IP core market with a special focus on interface IP core technology, experts from well known enterprises introduced interface IP cores, related technology, and application solutions.

During this event, Analogix presented its IP core products, including CoolHD™ zero-power HDMI 1.3 transmitter, DisplayPort transmitter and receiver, HDMI transmitter and receiver, and DisplayPort/HDMI dual-mode transmitter IP cores. Analogix provides a wide range of IP cores for variety of silicon geometries and processes. Our highly accomplished and competent mixed signal design team has successfully implemented our IP cores on 180nm to 32nm processes. In production with various LSI companies, the IP cores have been proven robust across different foundry processes. Analogix' high performance IP products can help simplify system designs, lower cost and power usage, provide highly competitive solutions that can help bring stunning audio-visual experiences to end user.

About Analogix Semiconductor

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. designs and manufactures semiconductors for the digital multimedia market, from portable devices such as smartphones to high-end graphics cards and large, high-definition displays. Analogix is a leader in providing end-to-end interface connectivity semiconductor solutions for DisplayPort, including the SlimPort family of products.

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