Analogix Licenses USB-C Technology to LG Electronics

Analogix Licenses USB-C Technology to LG Electronics

Analogix Licenses USB-C Technology to LG Electronics

Industry Proven Analogix IP Cores for USB-C Integrate DisplayPort, SuperSpeed USB Data Transfer, and Power Delivery

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced that it has signed a technology licensing agreement with LG Electronics for Analogix’s Intellectual Property (IP) for full function USB-C™ technology.

The Analogix DisplayPort™ IP cores have shipped into over 1 billion System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions from multiple customers. Analogix has integrated DisplayPort Alt Mode - the industry’s standard way to transfer high-definition audio and video over the USB-C connector - into its IP cores for full function USB-C, offering comprehensive benefits including:

  • High-Performance Video and Audio: DisplayPort Alt Mode support for resolutions up to 8K;
  • Power Delivery: USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) up to 100W battery charging;
  • Data Transfer: SuperSpeed USB up to USB 3.1.

“USB-C is a crucial connectivity technology and working with Analogix enables us to productize innovative solutions,” said James S.W. Song, vice president of Engineering at LG Electronics.

“Integrating the full function USB-C into the mobile Application Processor (AP) core offers high-performance video out without adding the cost of any additional ICs,” said Michael Ching, vice president of technology licensing for Analogix. “Our technology enables device manufacturers to reduce their design footprint, bill of materials, and time to market.”

DisplayPort was architected for mobile and in particular, it facilitates integration into deep sub-micron CMOS process technologies that use lower voltage rails. DisplayPort™ over USB-C™ allows AP makers to efficiently and simultaneously transmit high-resolution video, audio, USB data, and power routed out of the same USB-C connector, enabling devices to interoperate with accessories in the USB-C ecosystem, and ultimately benefiting consumers.

About Analogix Semiconductor

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. designs and manufactures semiconductors for the digital multimedia market, from portable devices such as smartphones to high-end graphics cards and large, high-definition displays. Analogix is the market leader in providing end-to-end interface connectivity semiconductor solutions for DisplayPort, including the SlimPort branded products, and an industry leader in mobile display controllers, such as low-power, high-speed timing controller solutions. The DisplayPort standard is an innovative, packetized digital interface for high-resolution video and audio that was developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). SlimPort branded products are compliant with DisplayPort, Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP), and DisplayPort Alt Mode over the USB Type-C connector.

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