Analogix Semiconductor Wins "The Award of 2010 the Fifth 'China Chip' Most Potential"

Analogix Semiconductor Wins "The Award of 2010 the Fifth 'China Chip' Most Potential"

Analogix Semiconductor Wins "The Award of 2010 the Fifth 'China Chip' Most Potential"

Analogix Semiconductor attended "2010 China Promotion Conference of Integrated Circuit Industry" which was guided by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center. Analogix's Ultra-low-power HDMI 1.3 Transmitter ANX7150 wins "The Award of 2010 the Fifth 'China Chip' Most Potential".

The topic of conference focused on the innovation and achievement of design for IC during the recently ten years. The attendee discussed deeply about how to use the our advantage resources to improve the developments of domestic IC industry, in order to fulfill the leap forward development as the reform of industry structure.

Analogix's ANX7150 HDMI transmitter is compatible with the HDMI 1.3 Specification, and is backward compatible with DVI 1.1. It also supports HDCP 1.1 function with internal keys. ANX7150 has passed HDMI and HDCP testing, and ADTC-EasyHD Laboratory's Interoperability test. Using Analogix ground breaking and patented technology the ANX7150 powers its HDMI transmitter by recovering power from the HDMI link that is normally wasted. Existing HDMI transmitters are forced to drain batteries due to the physical nature of the HMDI link. As other electronics within mobile devices shrink to lower silicon geometries, adding more features and lowering their power consumption, the contribution of a HDMI transmitter becomes an increasingly more significant percentage of battery drain. This limits the ability of system designers to use smaller, lighter batteries and also reduces overall playback time. By incorporating the ANX7150 into a portable device, manufacturers have the ability to deliver stunning HD performance without sacrificing battery life. The ANX7150 target applications include MP4 players, multimedia mobile phones, digital cameras, digital camcorders and other portable electronic devices.

About CoolHD

CoolHD, a patent-pending technology, enables HDMI transmitters to recover and recycle the wasted HDMI-TMDS link power which otherwise would be lost as transmitter heat dissipation. By operating on recycled power, CoolHD HDMI transmitters significantly extend the battery life and reduce the heat dissipation of connected handheld devices.

About Analogix Semiconductor

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. designs and manufactures semiconductors for the digital multimedia market, from portable devices such as smartphones to high-end graphics cards and large, high-definition displays. Analogix is a leader in providing end-to-end interface connectivity semiconductor solutions for DisplayPort, including the SlimPort family of products.

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