DisplayPort™ 1.2 to VGA Converter

ANX6210 is a DisplayPort to VGA converter designed for motherboards. With its single HRB2 lane, ANX6210 can support WDXGA (2048x1152) as its max resolution. Its on-chip MCU and memory eliminates the needs for any external configuration or setup. It automatically directs the DisplayPort output from the PC or mobile phone to VGA, effectively working with all types of legacy monitors, projectors, and TVs. ANX6210 supports a single 3.3V power supply with an integrated 1V low-dropout (LDO) regulator.

Main Features: 
VGA Output
  • Supports resolutions up to WDXGA (2048x1152@60Hz,24bpp)
  • VGA output meets VESA VSIS v1r2 clock jitter specification
  • VGA DAC work range is up to 270 MHz
  • Low power standby mode with automatic monitor plug and unplug detect
  • Powered from DisplayPort source
  • EDID and MCCS pass-through support
DisplayPort Input
  • DisplayPort 1.2 compliant receiver
  • VESA® compliant eDP v1.3 receiver
  • 1 lane high-speed differential input with configurable speed: 5.4Gbps, 2.7Gbps, or 1.62Gbps
Optimized for motherboard design
  • With 1.0 LDO on, single 3.3V power supply supported
  • Super low power consumption: 480mW active power (1080p@60Hz, 1V LDO powered on)
  • Standby power: 8mW with 1V LDO off
System Operation
  • -10°C to +75°C operating temperature
  • MCU controlling external components


Notebook/Desktop PC


5x5mm, 40-Pin QFN package

Standards Compliance: 

DisplayPort 1.2

eDP 1.3

Power Requirements: 
  • Single 3.3V power supply supported
Detailed Product Information: