Display Converter (Adapter)

ANX7517 is a USB Type-C to HDMI2.0b converter, which includes 3D display delivery capability. It can support up to 8.1Gbps lane speed in conjunction with any 4K@60 DP alternate mode USB-C source. ANX7517 transforms the DisplayPort output of a USB Type-C source device to HDMI or DVI output so that the device can connect to any high-definition TV, monitor, or projector.

Main Features: 
Other Features
  • USB Type-C Specification 1.2 and backward compatible with Type-C specification 1.1
    • USB Power Delivery (PD) v3.0 Compliant
    • Integrated Channel Configuration (CC) and Power Delivery Logic (PD)
    • Support USB2.0 Billboard function
  • VESA DisplayPortTM (DP) v1.4 compliant receiver
    • 1, 2 and 4 lanes up to HBR3 (8.1Gbps) input
    • 1 MHz AUX Channel
    • Horizontal Blanking Expansion Operation
    • 27dB insertion loss recovery
  • HDMI Specification v2.0b compliant transmitter
    • TMDS scrambling up to 600MHz pixel clock rate
    • Support up to 4096x2160@60Hz
    • SCDC (Status and Control Data Channel)
    • CEC2.0
  • Support CEC Tunneling-over-Aux
  • Support HDCP2.3, HDCP2.2 and HDCP1.4 repeater with HDCP keys inside
  • Video stream
    • Support High Dynamic Range (HDR) metadata
    • Support 3D timing
  • Audio Stream
    • Max audio sample rate of 192KHz x8 channels
    • 8-ch LPCM, compressed audio (AC-3, DTS)
  • Integrated reference clock
  • On chip micro-controller (OCM) and integrated memory
  • Serial and debug interfaces
    • Support I2C Slave and master interface, up to 1MHz
    • Re-purpose GPIOs for UART or I2C master interface
  • Support 3.3V and 0.9V power supply
  • Flexible Firmware update methods
  • Commercial temperature range of 0C to 70C
  • HBM 4KV



  • QFN-56, 7mmx7mm, 0.4mm pin-pitch
Detailed Product Information: