Timing Controller

ANX2187 is the world’s lowest power four-lane embedded DisplayPortTM (eDP) 1.4b compliant TCON with Panel Self Refresh (PSR) and Selective update PSR (PSR2) functions, supporting up to 3840x2400 (UHD+) resolution. ANX2187 supports both finger and active stylus in-cell touch functions. It also supports VESA DisplayHDR, with 1D, 1.5D and 2D local dimming.

Main Features: 
Other Features
  • eDP receiver
    • Integrated high-speed DP-Rx compliant with DisplayPort standard eDP v1.4b
    • Up to 4 lanes @8.1Gbps, 5.4Gbps, 4.32Gbps, 2.7Gbps, 2.16Gbps, 2.43Gbps and 1.62Gbps
    • PSR/MBO/PSR2 function
  • Source IC interface: CEDS/iSP/EPI/ATPI
    • Up to 24 pairs to support 12-channel 2D/1C or 24-channel 1D/1C configuration
    • CEDS/iSP/EPI/ATPI transmitter up to 2.0 Gbps configuration with Mux2 support
    • Various swap modes: inter-port swap, intra-port swap, p/n swap, RGB swap, odd/even pixel swap, etc.
    • Scan direction swap
    • Supports Z-inversion (column inversion),
    • and N-line inversion
    • Dual gate mode combined with Z-
    • inversion and non-Z inversion mode
    • CEDS/iSP/EPI/ATPI test pattern mode
  • TCON functions
    • Max resolution: 3840x2400 @60Hz
    • Can support FullHD 240Hz
    • eDP TCON color depth: 18/24/30 bpp input, up to 8+2 FRC output
    • Programmable fail-safe mode control
    • Configurable BIST pattern
    • 10-bit Gamma correction table for each color
    • Advanced Color Block
    • Multiple FRC pattern configurations
    • 8bit->6bit, 9bit->6bit, 10bit->8bit and 10bit->6bit FRC modes
    • 0-D dimming control (DBC) function for backlight low power
    • Color-engine for hue and saturation control
    • Direct drive G-sync, Free sync, and Adaptive sync
    • eDP sDRRS power saving function
    • Splash-screen
    • In-cell Touch function combined with PSR/PSR2
  • On-chip SSCG
    • CEDS/EPI/iSP/ATPI 1.6G <Fceds ≤2.06G (Max. +/-0.5% with 0.25% step, 10/20/30/40KHz, center spreading)
    • CEDS/EPI/iSP/ATPI Fceds≤1.6G (Max. +/- 1% with 0.25% step, 10/20/30/40KHz, center spreading)
  • VESA DisplayHDR
    • EOTF ST.2084 Decoder
    • BT.2020 to sRGB color space mapping
    • Tone Mapping (BT.2390-2)
    • 10-bit input with 8-bit output
    • DPCD handshake
    • 1D, 1.5D and 2D local dimming control
    • Up to 16x32 segment backlight control with 12-bit intensity
  • I2C interface
  • In-cell touch support for finger and active pen
  • PWM generator, PWM pass-through and PWM product modes
  • TSMC 28nm HPC+ process
  • Lowest power, 200mW to 280mW @UHD (PSR on/ off)
  • Power supply: 1.8V/0.9V (internal 3.3V for HPD)


  • ANX2187BN-AA-T: BGA144 (5.15x11x1mm), 0.5mm pitch
  • ANX2187VN-AA-T: BGA147 (5.15x14x1mm), 0.65mm pitch
Detailed Product Information: