The program reviews key performance criteria for color accuracy, optical distortions, resolution, motion-to-photon response, and more.

Devices are tested by duplicating the environment of how an end-user would experience the product.

Testing results are documented and compared to current competitive products and can be used to help improve performance of prototypes or production units.


Color performance is measured with an HDR-ready colorimeter and software. Test patterns are rendered by the device operating system, so system processing and corrections are considered in the results, as applicable.

Resolution and HMD Optics

High-resolution reference patterns are rendered by the display device and photographed by a high-resolution camera. These photos are then analyzed by an evaluation algorithm to determine display resolution. Optical and chromatic distortions are also measured with VR/AR head-mounted displays.

VR Motion-to-Photon Delay

Measures how fast motion will be rendered by the display when the VR HMD is moved by the user. A high-speed camera is used (480 or 960 FPS) to capture and count the number of frames it takes to detect a change in the rendered frames that matches the movement of the HMD mounted on a step-motor controlled table.