SlimPort® Interop Program (SIP℠)

The SlimPort® Interop Program (SIP℠) assists manufacturers that use Analogix’s SlimPort brand of DisplayPort™-compliant semiconductor solutions to ensure reliable operation of their DisplayPort over USB-C™ products.

The program has been expanded to test and report on interoperability performance amongst new and leading devices and accessories from any manufacturer. This includes smartphones, tablets, notebooks, dongles, docks, hubs, and USB-C monitors.


SlimPort is a brand of DisplayPort-compliant solutions from Analogix, whereas DisplayPort is a technology standard owned by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).

SlimPort-branded products are compliant with DisplayPort, Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP), and DisplayPort Alt Mode over the USB Type-C connector.

VESA has defined guidelines on how to build DisplayPort converter products compatible with legacy and other current display standards. Through its rigorous DisplayPort standard compliance program, VESA ensures that DisplayPort certified products are fully interoperable.

Analogix tests SlimPort-branded products through the SlimPort Interoperability Program (SIP℠) to ensure interoperability with each other and with other DisplayPort-enabled consumer devices from leading manufacturers.

The USB-C connection offers many features and options. However, that is the problem; the same USB-C connector may or may not have certain features activated and there is no way to know without reading the product manuals. In addition, some features may operate with one accessory but not with a different one that is rated the same.

The SlimPort Interoperability Lab is continuously expanding its large collection of source devices, accessories, and displays and uses a multi-step review process to determine if and how they all work together. The results of these extensive tests are published online at SlimPort Interoperability Performance.

This interactive page helps consumers in their decision-making process by allowing them to cross reference products and determine what features and functionalities are available.

SIP is offered for both USB Type-C and Micro-B mobile devices, hubs/switchers and displays running Android or Microsoft OS.


No, the program is open to all.