USB3 (10G)


USB-C crosspoint switch with re-timer for USB 3.1 (10G) and DP (8.1G)

ANX7441 is a crosspoint switch capable of supporting USB 3.1 Gen-2 (up to 10G), DisplayPort™ Alt Mode (up to 8.1G) and  concurrent USB3.1 (up to 10G), and DisplayPort Alt Mode (8.1G) over a single USB Type-C™ (USB-C) port. ANX7441 has  protocol aware built-in re-timers to recover both the USB or DisplayPort (DP) signals with insertion loss compensation of up  to 23dB. ANX7441 is supported by a digital switch to ensure the enhanced signals from the re-timer are preserved and  outputted over the USB-C connector. Also, ANX7441 integrates the SBU/AUX mux for switching DP AUX signals and  reducing overall system BOM cost.

Main Features: 
Other Features
  • Integrated crosspoint switch
    • Integrated crosspoint switch supports USB3.1,  DisplayPort, or concurrent USB3.1 and  DisplayPort signals to the USB-C connector
    • Integrated SBU/AUX mux with dynamic SBU  termination for DisplayPort AUXP/AUXN signals
  • Protocol aware built-in re-timer
    • Integrated USB3.1 protocol aware re-timer  supporting up to Gen 2 @ 10Gbps
    • Integrated DisplayPort protocol aware re-timer  transparent or Link training-tunable PHY repeater  (LTTPR) mode supporting up to HBR3 @ 8.1Gbps
    • Insertion loss compensation to recover up to  23dB channel loss (supports USB3.1 Gen-2/  DisplayPort 1.4 compliant signals over extended  PCB trace and FlexPCB cable)
    • Advanced power management for USB power  states (Ux states) and DP link training support
  • Reference clock for re-timers
    • Utilizes a 24MHz crystal or 1.05V swing single-  ended clock source; optionally, 38.4MHz ref clock  configuration available
  • Control interfaces
    • I2C Slave interface, up to 1MHz
    • FLIP/OpMode pins
  • Industry standard compatibility
    • USB 3.1 Gen 2 specification
    • DisplayPort 1.4 specification
    • USB Type-C r1.2 specification
  • Power supply
    • Analog power supply at 1.8V
    • I/O power supply at 1.8V
    • SBU termination supply at 3.3V
  • Package
    • WLCSP-59, 3mm x 2.6mm, 0.45mm Z-height,  0.35mm ball-pitch
  • Commercial temperature range of 0C to 70C

Notebook/Desktop PC


  • WLCSP-59, 3mm x 2.6mm, 0.45mm Z-height,  0.35mm ball-pitch
Detailed Product Information: