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Visualizzare su televisore, monitor o videoproiettore i filmati ripresi tramite smartphone o tablet Pc è oggi più semplice grazie agli adattatori prodotti dalla californiana Analogix, che gettano un ponte tra l’interfaccia MyDP (Mobility DisplayPort) e le porte Vga, Dvi e Hdmi.


With the Google Nexus 4 the Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP) standard was born in the real world – it being the first device to have the ability to transmit information from its microUSB port out to HDMI.


At present, SlimPort’s technology is only supported on two handsets: the Google Nexus 4 and the upcoming LG Optimus G Pro, both of which are manufactured by LG.


When it comes to the craziness that is CES, you see so many interesting devices, accessories, and gadgets that it sometimes takes a little while for it to sink in.


"Another product making it easier than ever to connect your physical world with your digital one is this SlimPort cable made for the revolutionary Google Nexus 4 Smartphone from L.G.


2. Standardize video-out and mirroring in Android


DisplayPort is an interface used to connect a video source to a display, a computer monitor, for example to transmit audio, USB and other data. The technology transmits audio and video simultaneously but both can be transmitted independently.


The $30 Slimport HDMI adapter connects the Micro USB port on the Nexus 4, turning it into a HDMI connection to hook up to a HDTV or projector.


In my Nexus 4 review, I noted that the device was the first shipping handset to include support for SlimPort via an Analogix ANX7808 SlimPort transmitter.


With a further focus of the consumer sector, a new solution for advancing the user experience of mobile technology was unveiled by Analogix Semiconductor with its SlimPort device.