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Analogix ANX7580 Display Controller Empowers LG Dual Screen Handheld Mobile Applications

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced that its SlimPort® ANX7580 DisplayPort™ to MIPI-DSI display controller has been implemented in multiple devices, the most recent being the LG V60 ThinQ and the Dual Screen, as well as in various handheld PC gaming devices. This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: Analogix ANX7580 display controller enables dual screen handheld mobile applications (Graphic: Business Wire) With a 4-lane DisplayPort 1.4 input and 4 MIPI lanes for a single panel, the ANX7580 connects to graphics processing units (GPUs), both embedded and discreet, and to MIPI displays used in dual clamshell display applications today. These applications benefit from the following ANX7580 key advantages: Support for DisplayPort and embedded DisplayPort (eDP); Support for ARM, x86, and other computing architectures; High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) support such as video content

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VESA Forms Special Interest Group Focused on Emergent Virtual and Augmented Reality Markets


全球最大的DisplayPort半导体供应商,高分辨率面板用嵌入式eDP TCON的全球领导者,中国最早、全球排名前三的HDMI半导体提供商,全球领先的USB Type-C芯片及IP供应商……作为全球领先的IC芯片设计公司,硅谷数模半导体有限公司(以下简称“硅谷数模”)在高速连接与高清显示解决方案领域的成就不胜枚举。去年9月份,北京山海昆仑资本管理有限公司(以下简称“山海资本”)主导的财团以逾5亿美元收购硅谷数模的全部已发行股份,国家集成电路产业投资基金(以下简称“大基金”)也加入了山海资本的基金,成为有限合伙人之一。业界习惯将有大基金背景的半导体企业称为半导体“国家队”。


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