USB-C Port Controller
USB Power Delivery PHY with Channel Configuration Control

ANX7402 is a USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) PHY with an On-chip Microcontroller (OCM). The OCM enables ANX7402 to manage the cable detection, USB Power Delivery negotiations, Vendor Defined Message (VDM) communication protocol, and other functions, as defined in the USB Type-C™ v1.1 and USB Power Delivery v2.0 specifications. ANX7402 supports a Hot Plug Detect (HPD) input pin and converts the HPD signal over the Configuration Channel (CC) to enable DisplayPort™ (DP) Alt Mode applications. When paired with a DP-to-HDMI/VGA bridge (such as the ANX7737/9837) and a USB Billboard device IC, the ANX7402 creates an ideal solution for USB Type-C (USB-C™) dongle and docking station applications.

Main Features: 
  •  On-chip Microcontroller (OCM) to implement cable detection and USB-PD messaging for charging related functions
  •  5V-tolerant CC/VCONN signals
  •  Dead battery charging support
  •  I2C slave mode to support external MCU/IC
  •  VBUS control and USB_ID pins to control external switch, Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) or USB charger IC based on    the USB-PD configuration 
  •  3.3V power supply (1.0V Core power generated by internal regulator)
  •  Supports the following
    •  USB Power Delivery Specification v2.0 on CC wire
    •  HPD input pin and conversion over CC for DP Alt Mode applications
  •  Designed to the following specifications 
    •  USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification  v1.1
    •  USB Power Delivery Specification v2.0


Notebook/Desktop PC


Standards Compliance: 

USB Power Delivery Specification v2.0 (rev 1.0)

USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification (rev 1.0)

Detailed Product Information: