RGB-24 to DP Converters
RGB to DisplayPortTM 1.2 Translator

ANX9807 is an ultra low power DP/eDP transmitter designed for motherboards. Any portable mobile device with an embedded ANX9807 device would be able to connect to any DP/eDP receiver through a passive cable as defined by DP/eDp specification. 

Main Features: 
  • Digital video input
    • 24-bits single data rate (SDR) or 18-bits double data rate (DDR) input video mode in LVCMOS
    • Pixel clock rate up to 270Mpixels/sec
    • Up to 36 bits per pixel video (DDR mode)
  • Digital video output
    • DisplayPort 1.2 output
    • Configurable 2 lanes, with each lane supports data rate of 5.4Gbps, 2.7Gbps, or 1.62Gbps
    • AUX channel link bandwidth up to 1Mbps
    • Resolution up to 2500*1600(WQXGA)@60Hz
  • System operation
    • Slave I2C control interface
    • 0°C to +75°C operating temperature  Power management
  • Power management 

    • 1.2V and 2.5V power supply

    • Standby power consumption lower than 15mW  Active power consumption lower than 210mW (QXGA)
    • Built-in video BIST patterns for system self-test  Package: 8 x 8 mm 81-ball BGA (0.8 pitch)
  • RoHS compliant and Halogen free package
  • Package: 8 x 8 mm 81-ball BGA (0.8 pitch)
  • RoHS compliant and Halogen free package 


Notebook/Desktop PC

Standards Compliance: 

RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free

Detailed Product Information: 



Dual Mode DisplayPort™ Transmitter

ANX9804 is a low power dual mode DVO/LVTTL to DisplayPort/HDMI™ transmitter product designed for motherboard. The proprietary circuit technique adopted by ANX9804 makes the power consumption extreme low. With its low power consumption, it can fit into very small form factor devices that fit into modern lifestyle. ANX9804, a first in its class product, can be used in conjunction with ANX9835 (DisplayPort to DisplayPort/HDMI replicator) and ANX9815 (DisplayPort receiver) to provide end-to-end interface connectivity.

Main Features: 
Output Interface
  • Dual Mode: DisplayPort™ or HDMI™ output
  • 1/2/4 lane operation at up to HBR (2.7 Gbps/lane) and RBR (1.62 Gbps/lane)
  • DisplayPort™ mode Spread Spectrum Clock (SSC) support
  • Support up to 2560 X 1600 (WQXGA) @ 60Hz with 30bpp colour depth
  • YCbCr to RGB conversion
  • 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 data input formats
  • 18/24/30/36 bits per pixel video support
  • Embedded audio support
  • Fully integrated HDCP encryption for DisplayPort™ and HDMI™ modes
Input Interface
  • 24-bit DVO/LVTTL flexible video input
  • SDR and DDR data modes support
  • Deep colour up to 36bpp in DDR support
Audio Input Interface
  • S/PDIF audio mode including two-channel uncompressed L-PCM and multi-channel compressed DTS support
  • 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 to 192KHz audio
Fully integrated HDCP hardware and keys shared for DisplayPort and HDMI modes
Built-in video pattern generator and audio tone generator for system self-test

Notebook/Desktop PC

  • 81-ball BGA
Standards Compliance: 

DVI 1.0

DisplayPort 1.1a with HDCP 1.3

HDMI 1.3 with HDCP 1.2

HDMI 1.2

Power Requirements: 
  • 1.8V and 3.3V power supplies 
  • Software controlled power management
Detailed Product Information: