USB-C Port Controller
USB-C™ Port Controller

ANX7406 is a USB Type-C™ (USB-C) Port Controller that complies with the latest USB4 Version 1.0, USB Type C R2.0, and USB-PD v3.1 (r1.0) specifications. ANX7406 integrates the logic to manage cable attach and detach, orientation, and role detection. The on-chip microcontroller (OCM) facilitates USB-PD v3.0 messaging for fast charging, USB4, USB3.2, DisplayPort™ (DP) Alternate Mode (Alt Mode), and Thunderbolt3 Alternate Mode. ANX7406 can be configured as a Downstream Facing Port (DFP) or a Dual-Role Port (DRP), making it an ideal solution for various applications such as notebooks, desktops, and 2-in-1 PCs. ANX7406 supports a TCPC-compliant register interface and utilizes its 2 of I2C Slave ports for communication with an upstream embedded controller and PCH.

Main Features: 
USB-PD Support: UFP and DFP
  • Chunking and unchunking
  • TCPCI compliant
  • Fast role swap (FRS)
  • Integrated VCONN switch
  • VBUS sense with 36V over current and over voltage protection
  • USB Billboard class (low speed)
Embedded RISC-V core and secure FW update
  • 96KB instruction RAM, 16KB execution RAM
  • 512KB flash for FW storage
  • AES128 FW encryption with SHA256 signature
  • FW update through I2C and billboard device
System Interface and IO control
  • 2x I2C slave interfaces; 1x I2C master interface
  • HPD signal for DP applications
  • Role select configuration pin
Industry standard compatibility
  • USB Type-C r2.0 specification
  • USB Power Delivery v3.1 r1.0 specification
  • DisplayPort 2.0 specification
  • DisplayPort Alternate Mode over USB Type-C V2.0 specification
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type-C Port Controller Interface r2.0 specification
Dead battery detection support
36V overvoltage protection for CC1/CC2, SBU1/SBU2, VBUS

Notebook/Desktop PC

  • QFN-48, 6mm x 6mm
Detailed Product Information: