MIPI to DP Transmitters
SlimPort® Transmitter
Main Features: 
  • Standard compliance
    • DisplayPort 1.2, MyDP 1.0, MIPI-DSI 1.0
  • USB data in/out
    • USB host, device, or OTG data passes through by default
    • Meets requirements of inter-chip USB specification
  • Digital video and audio output
    • SlimPort output over mini- or micro-USB connector
    • DisplayPort, eDP, or MyDP output over any connector
    • Configurable 1-lane output supports: 5.4Gbps, 2.7Gbps, or 1.62Gbps data rates
    • Stereo (3D) video output support
    • Single wire (C-WIRE) sideband communication
    • Integrated CEC Support
    • HDCP 1.3 content protection (optional)
  • Integrated analog switch and accessory detect
    • Seamless switching between USB and MyDP
    • SlimPort cable detect with FAIL-SAFE mechanism
  • Digital video input
    • RGB-24 single data rate or 18-bits double data rate
    • MIPI-DSI (4-lanes) at 1Gbps/lane
    • Supports max pixel clock rates up to 185 Mpixels/sec
    • Up to 30 bpp color depth support in SlimPort mode
    • Supports 1.8V RGB-24 input mode
  • Digital audio input
    • SLIMbus, S/PDIF and 8-Ch I2S input
    • Audio sample rates 32 kHz to 192 kHz
  • System operation
    • Slave I2C device control interface
    • Built-in video BIST patterns and audio tone generator for system self-test
  • Power requirements
    • 1.0V, 1.8V, and 3.3V power supplies
    • Standby Power: < 25uW, while monitoring cable detect
  • Package offered: 81-ball, 4mm x 4mm, 0.4mm ball pitch 


Notebook/Desktop PC


Standards Compliance: 

MyDP 1.0


DisplayPort 1.2

Detailed Product Information: