Analogix Announces Companion Devices for new AMD Fusion APU and Derivative-based Platforms

Analogix Announces Companion Devices for new AMD Fusion APU and Derivative-based Platforms

Analogix Announces Companion Devices for new AMD Fusion APU and Derivative-based Platforms

New family of devices allow OEMs to unleash the full power of AMD Fusion technology

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc., a manufacturer and innovator of high-performance analog and mixed-signal devices for the digital media and communications markets, today announced a new family of display translator devices (code-named “Travis”) compatible with AMD Fusion APUs. The new family of Travis devices from Analogix provides conversion from DisplayPort™ output to existing VGA and LVDS standards.

“We are extremely honored to be a part of AMD’s forward-thinking and leading-edge Fusion APU initiative,” said Dr. Kewei Yang, Chairman and CEO of Analogix Semiconductor. “Developed in close cooperation with AMD, our new family of devices is specifically designed for AMD Fusion APUs. Incorporating unique features, these devices are fully validated to work on platforms and derivative products.”

“With their experience and industry knowledge of DisplayPort™ as well as their high-speed analog design competence and quick time to market, Analogix stood out as a solid partner to co-develop these display translators,” said Emile Ianni, Corporate Vice President of Platform Engineering of AMD (NYSE: AMD). “The Travis family of devices, jointly developed by AMD and Analogix, are designed to operate seamlessly with AMD Fusion APU-based platforms. AMD and Analogix have jointly executed extensive validation plans on AMD reference platforms to provide our customers a high confidence path for successful integration of a Travis device, supporting a quick time to market.”

The Analogix Travis family of devices offers various combinations of DisplayPort™ to LVDS and VGA conversion. The ANX9834 enables both VGA and LVDS and is designed primarily for desktop and notebook computers. It offers one 4-lane DisplayPort™ input for conversion to VGA and a separate 2-lane DisplayPort™ input for LVDS conversion.

As a VGA alternative solution, integration of the VGA conversion into the ANX9834 gives OEMs the ability to place the DisplayPort™-to-VGA converter adjacent to the VGA connector. In platforms with chassis or design constraints, this helps simplify the motherboard PCB layout, eliminates signal degradation on the analog VGA signals and reduces EMI. The VGA output is compliant with VESA VSISv1r2 specification, offering extremely low jitter for high-resolution modes. It supports pixel rates up to 360MHz and resolutions up to and including 2560x1600 with a 60Hz refresh rate. The LVDS output supports single or dual channel with 18-bits per pixel and pixel clock rates of up to 162MHz, supporting resolutions up to and including WUXGA (1920x1200) with a 60Hz refresh rate.

Conversely, for space-constrained and power-sensitive applications, the ANX3110 provides cost-reduced DisplayPort™-to-LVDS conversion only. Targeted primarily for notebooks and AIO solutions, the ANX3110 allows OEMs to focus on making cost-reduced systems with optimal space saving and power reduction techniques. It supports single and dual channel LVDS with up to 24-bits per pixel, a pixel clock of up to 205MHz and resolutions up to WUXGA (1920x1200) with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Both the ANX9834 and ANX3110 boast the unique features of integrated specialized circuitry for content protection, key panel control features such as panel dimming, and the implementation of special power saving modes that work in conjunction with the AMD chipset to reduce overall system power consumption. The firmware for the devices is fully integrated, making it easy for OEMs to quickly deliver and customize their designs.

DisplayPort™ is a next-generation interconnect that is rapidly gaining traction in the PC and consumer electronics markets. Compared to other digital video interfaces, it offers higher bandwidths, lower power consumption, thinner cables and reduced EMI. Offering increased silicon efficiency in lower silicon geometries, DisplayPort™ enables silicon vendors to offer cost-effective, high-bandwidth video links that are compatible with chip-to-chip, board-to-board and box-to-box style connections. This can greatly reduce the overall system BoM and enable greater reduction of the electronics to enable OEMs to deliver amazing performance in sleek, elegant designs.

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