Analogix Semiconductor’s CoolHD™ ANX7150 HDMI Transmitters Hit One-Million-Sold Mark

Analogix Semiconductor’s CoolHD™ ANX7150 HDMI Transmitters Hit One-Million-Sold Mark

Analogix Semiconductor’s CoolHD™ ANX7150 HDMI Transmitters Hit One-Million-Sold Mark

Shipment Demonstrates Analogix Market Leadership and Importance of CoolHD Technology in Portable Multimedia Devices

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc., a world leader in high-performance digital multimedia interface solutions, today announced that just five months into production it has recorded sales of one million units of its ANX7150 HDMI transmitter.

The low-cost ANX7150 belongs to the company’s CoolHD™ family of products. Using patent pending technology, it significantly extends the battery life of media players, digital cameras, mobile phones and camcorders when transmitting high-definition audio-video streams to flat-panel televisions and other high definition displays.

“Hitting the sales milestone of one million ANX7150 units in just five months validates the high demand for our ultra-low power HDMI transmitter solution, as well as the strength of our device platform partners,” said Dr. Kewei Yang, Chairman and CEO of Analogix Semiconductor. “Our tremendous sales momentum is the result of our unique product solutions and strong corporate leadership, and we are committed to delivering new products with ultra-low power and high performance.”

Unique, Ultra-low Power Solution Drives HD Video Revolution

The Analogix ANX7150 was designed to advance the mobile HD video revolution. Used in portable HD devices, the transmitter draws nearly all its operating power from the display itself versus the battery. Traditionally, the power supplied by the receiver to a HDMI link would have been lost in heat dissipation. Through a patent pending technology, ANX7150 recovers the HDMI-TMDS link power and recycles it as an operating power for the same device. This low-power design solution reduces the draw on portable device battery by up to 95 percent or more compared to other transmitter solutions.

“The unique low-power solution of the ANX7150 has positioned us well as a leader in this era of high-definition video on portable and mobile devices,” said Graham Loveridge, Vice President of Marketing for Analogix. “We are continuing to develop technology that addresses the needs of the fast-growing portable handheld market.”

One Million ANX7150 Sold/2-2-2

The ANX7150 HDMI transmitter from Analogix enables the rendering of high definition video streams to a variety of portable media devices. Several worldwide leading consumer electronics brands have launched handheld devices such as portable media players, digital still cameras, tablet PCs. Amongst all other features, the extended battery life during playback on large screens has established the handheld devices as a popular choice for the consumers.

About ANX7150

The ANX7150 is a single-chip solution that complies with the HDMI1.3 specifications and includes optional HDCP 1.2 high-definition digital-content-protection encryption. It supports pixel rates up to 165 megapixels/sec, and its flexible video input interface supports up to 24-bit RGB/YCbCr 4:4:4/4:2:2 to 4:4:4 up-sample/down-sample, and YCbCr to RGB color space conversion.

The product incorporates advanced digital audio with 8-channel I2S support for Dolby™ Digital, the DTS surround-sound format and digital audio transmission. Its audio interface permits programmable I2S channel mapping.

About CoolHD

CoolHD ™ is a patent protected technological implementation which enables the HDMI transmitter to recover and recycle the wasted HDMI-TMDS link power which otherwise would have been lost in heat dissipation on the transmitter side. Operating on recycled power, the device reduces the draw on the battery of the handheld device and significantly extends the battery life. Also, it reduces the heat dissipation on a handheld.

About Analogix Semiconductor

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. designs and manufactures high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors for the Digital Media market. Analogix is a leader in providing semiconductor solutions for DisplayPort, the next-generation digital interconnect for the Personal Computer. Analogix also provides a full suite of HDMI transmitter and receiver solutions for the distribution of high-definition video and audio in consumer electronics. Analogix is based in Santa Clara, Calif., with offices in Beijing, China and Tokyo, Japan. For more information, visit



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